Smokey Dan’s is a restaurant and bar located in Tomakin on the South Coast of NSW, delivering authentic smoked food and BBQ style cuisine using premium, local ingredients.

Alongside a unique dining experience, Smokey Dan’s is also a premiere music venue and provides a supportive space for artists of all genres to share their craft. Whether you are an emerging local act or an established touring outfit, this is the place for you.

Smokey Dan’s hosts both free entry music sessions and also larger ticketed events. Most events are held outdoors in the courtyard with a 200+ capacity. Professional production can be provided for events. Events can be family-friendly and all ages are welcome.


Location: Smokey Dan’s (Tomakin, NSW)
Room/Space: Outdoor Courtyard
Room Capacity: 200
Availability: Weekends (Friday and Saturday)

Facebook: @smokeydansbbq – www.facebook.com/smokeydansbbq
Instagram: @smokeydans – www.instagram.com/smokeydans
Website: smokeydans.com.au

Address: 2152 George Bass Dr, Tomakin NSW 2537
Parking: Carpark in front of the venue
Load-In: Via the back of the Venue
Storage: some space available for guitar cases, amps, drums etc.

Green Room: Yes (outside behind stage)
Accommodation: Negotiable (off site)


What’s best for your act?


Suited to:
Emerging artists and cover bands, acts that can play 2-3 sets. Original music welcome if mixed with covers.

Times: 12pm – 3pm Saturdays.

Production: Performer must provide.

Payment Guarantee: negotiated with the Venue Agent.

Rider: 2 drinks and a meal for each performer.

Joel Spooner (Venue Agent)
0488 066 743


Suited to:
Established bands and touring artists, multi-act original events, tribute artists. All genres and styles welcome.

Times: 6pm – 10pm Fridays, Saturdays or as agreed.

Production: Venue can provide

Payment Guarantee: Ticket percentage or guarantee negotiated and contracted by the Venue Agent.

Rider: 2 drinks and a meal for each performer or as negotiated with the Venue Agent.

Joel Spooner (Venue Agent)
0488 066 743

Booking a ticketed event? Click here for more info!


PA: Provided for ticketed events only
Stage Lighting: Provided for ticketed events only
Stage Size: 4.9m x 4.8m
Backline: Negotiable for ticketed events

See PRODUCTION on page 5 for more information on the available PA for TICKETED EVENTS.


Meals: One meal for each performing artist (solo) or band member (duo/band)
Drinks: Two drinks for each performing artist (solo) or band member (duo/band)

For ticketed events the rider is negotiable, please discuss when booking the show.


Get the word out!

Photo: Performer(s) must provide at least ONE professional press photo.
Biography: Performer(s) must provide a biography.

Performer(s) Promotion Obligations:
Any Performer booked at Smokey Dan’s will be expected to help promote the event in collaboration with the venue. This may include:

  • Posting on social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.).
  • Inviting friends (online and offline) to attend the show.
  • Putting up posters if you are an act from the local region.
  • Pursuing opportunities with local press/radio.
  • It is preferred that featured artists do not perform in Tomakin or other nearby towns within 50km (Moruya, Batemans Bay, Narooma) in the week before or after the event, if an exception is required please discuss when booking the show.


In case of an emergency or poor weather, Smokey Dan’s reserves the right to cancel events up to 24 hours prior to start time. The Venue will not pay the Performer(s) a cancellation fee unless this has been contractually agreed. Performer(s) must provide notification as soon as possible if they need to withdraw from a booked event. Performer(s) should only cancel in the case of an emergency.


  1. Musical equipment is the Performer(s) own responsibility.
  2. The Venue or Venue Agent accept no responsibility for any loss of Performer(s) equipment whilst on the premises.
  3. All Performer(s) require insurance to play at the Venue.
  4. A Certificate of Currency must be provided upon request.
  5. All Performer(s) will supply their own musical equipment for performance.
  6. Any damages to Venue Property by the Performer(s) or their employees will be the liability & responsibility of that Performer(s) & repair costs may be deducted from that Performer(s) income. If the Performer(s) income doesn’t cover losses then they will be invoiced for the balance.
  7. All walkways and fire exits must be clear of equipment at all times after the venue opens to the public.
  8. All Performer(s) that play at the Venue are subject to these Terms & Conditions.


  1. Sounchecking is to go no longer than an hour (unless otherwise negotiated) and where possible should be completed before the Venue opens to the public.
  2. Gear is to be stored neatly in the allocated area, request access to additional storage from the Venue Manager if required.
  3. Talk to the Venue Manager regarding the connection of power to the stage area.
  4. Performances are to finish at the time specified, encores are ok for the headline act, but must not run more than 30 minutes over the finish time.
  5. Support acts may play one encore song if it is requested by the audience.
  6. All performances are to be within reasonable volumes for the space provided. Loud bands (should be fine), but please discuss any volume concerns prior to the event.


Ticketing links and sales are managed and collected by the Venue. Door sales are also provided at the Venue leading up to and on the day of the event.

Tickets are a 60/40 split between the Performer(s) and Venue.

Ticket settlement will occur within a week of the event passing and payments to Performer(s) will be processed within 7 days of receiving an invoice.

The Venue’s expenses are covered by a 40% share of tickets. The Performer(s) are not expected to pay hire fees or cover any of the Venue’s expenses. Venue expenses can include, but are not limited to production, ticketing, venue promotions, poster printing, agency fees and door person. The Venue makes a significant investment into promoting ticket sales. Around 140 tickets (depending on ticket price) will need to be sold to recover venue expenses.

A dedicated door person to check-in ticket holders, provide wristbands and monitor venue access is provided by the Venue.

Generally production is supplied for all ticketed events at Smokey Dan’s. Please notify the Venue Agent if the Performer(s) intend to bring their own production. See page 5 for a production rider.

Support acts are recommended, preferably local. The Venue Agent is happy to help organise support(s) or the Artist can nominate their own.

The Venue can organise discounted accommodation. If this service is provided accommodation costs are taken from the Performer(s) ticket share unless the accommodation is negotiated as part of a contractual agreement. Please discuss accommodation requirements with the Venue Agent when booking.


The Venue will generally provide production for ticketed events unless the Artist wishes to bring their own production. Production is generally supplied by BAE Sound and Lights and appropriate equipment for the Artist will be available.

A general production rider is below. This may be subject to change, but similar or equivalent equipment will be available.

4 x Mackie HD1531
2 x Generic Dual 18inch Subs
Behringer x32 Channel Digital Mixer
DBX DriveRack PA2 Processor
Klark Teknik Graphic EQ

4 x Mackie SRM450
1 x Mackie HD1531
1 x Mackie HD1801 (Drums)

5 x Shure SM58
1 x Shure Beta58
2 x Shure SM57
2 x Audix i5
AKG Drum Microphone Kit
1 x Sennheiser 904

6 x LED Parcans
2 x Moving Heads
Smoke Machine

Premier Drum Kit
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Bass Amp